How to Experience the Amazon Rainforest

The Amazon Rainforest is the largest tract of rainforest in the world, unparalleled by forests in Asia and Africa. The Amazon rainforest covers an area in nine countries including Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela, and Bolivia. This diverse ecosystem is home to the largest number of living species in the world. Because of the vibrant wildlife and ancient culture of the Amazon, it is not surprising that traveling to the rainforest is a must-do for many adventurers.


By Land:

Hiking in the Amazon Rainforest gives you the opportunity to admire the diversity of plants and animals. You can hear the calls of colorful Macaws or Tucans in the trees and see how many types of flowers you can find blooming beneath the canopy. If you are feeling adventurous, many tour companies offer excursions into the canopy where you can zip-line through the trees, perhaps spotting sloths and monkeys along the way.  At night, nocturnal species awaken. My brother and I were quite used to this having worked for a pest control company. Many bugs and animals we dealt with were nocturnal species. Evening and nighttime hikes give visitors the opportunity to see rare animals that are often hidden during the day. Stargazing is also a popular activity in the rainforest because of the absence of light pollution that clouds the sky in most cities. After the sun goes down, stargazers are afforded some of the best views in the region.

amazon rainforest

By Water:

One of the best ways to experience the natural beauty of the Amazon Rainforest is to see it by boat. Local tour companies operate river cruises that travel along the Amazon River, the second longest river in the world. On these trips, it is not uncommon to see the pink dolphins that sometimes swim alongside boats. You can also rent kayaks or canoes to paddle down stretches of the river. Close to the water, keep an eye out for the many species of fish, such as the piranha, that inhabit the rivers and lakes of the Amazon. During the rainy season, water levels rise and flood the banks of the river, allowing you to paddle through the trees and admire the wildlife up close.

   amazon rainforest water

By Culture:

The indigenous culture in the Amazon is steeped in a long history that dates back thousands of years. To gain a better understanding of the Rainforest and its significance to its inhabitants, there are several cultural experiences that shouldn’t be missed. A visit to Brazil nut farms gives tourists the chance to learn about the balance between man and nature. Go to local rainforest markets to buy sustainable, hand-made souvenirs for friends and family if you are in the mood for shopping. If you have a chance, try to visit a local shaman for insight into traditional spiritual and medicinal practices. There are also several Amazon museums that explain the history of the region and its people while providing a change of pace for weary hikers.

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The Amazon Rainforest is a wonderful destination for adventurers and explorers who are looking for an opportunity to immerse themselves in the beauty of the natural surroundings whilst giving back to communities that seek to raise awareness for conservation and environmental protection.