Visiting European Farmlands

Almost 50% of Europe is made up of farmland, and agriculture plays a significant role in the overall economy of the European Union. Agritourism combines the appeal of traveling to Europe with the prospect of giving back to a local economy for a one-of-a-kind, unforgettable experience.


What is Agritourism?

In recent years, ecotourism, or the travel intended to spread awareness of the environment and help local conservation efforts, has been on the rise. Ecotourism was born out of a backlash against traditional tourism, which can often have a negative impact on the environment. Agritourism, like ecotourism, is an industry born out of a desire to provide unique experiences to eco-conscious tourists. People who participate in agritourism can find themselves working alongside local farmers in fields harvesting crops, or learning about indigenous fishing practices firsthand in coastal villages. Agritourism also serves the important purpose of connecting tourists to the local economy by allowing them to participate in its growth. This practice also helps farmers who need to make progress against low agricultural exports and high imports.


What to See when Visiting South Africa

Whether you go on vacation for beautiful beaches, or vibrant nightlife, hiking or relaxing, in South Africa, you will find everything you could want from a vacation destination. South Africa is a country full of vibrant culture and stunning wildlife. Its moderate climate means that it is a great destination year-round, but travel experts suggest going in May before popular tourist places get too crowded. It is also recommended that you rent a car to be able to take full advantage of all that South Africa has to offer.


Natural Beauty:

South Africa is known for its landscape that encompasses savannahs, mountains, and beaches. One of the most recognizable features of South Africa is Table Mountain in Cape Town, a mountain that towers above the city. Tourists can choose to hike up to the top, which will take you about one day, or ride a cable car that will take five minutes. On either side of Table Mountain are Devil’s Peak and Lion’s Head which give the city its distinct skyline. Rivers are vital to the South African economy by providing irrigation for agriculture. Rivers, such as the Orange River on South Africa’s border with Namibia also provide activities for adventurers. River rafting companies cater trips for paddlers of all experience levels, and the opportunity to go into the middle of nature is an experience that visitors will remember forever.

south africa beauty  

How to Experience the Amazon Rainforest

The Amazon Rainforest is the largest tract of rainforest in the world, unparalleled by forests in Asia and Africa. The Amazon rainforest covers an area in nine countries including Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela, and Bolivia. This diverse ecosystem is home to the largest number of living species in the world. Because of the vibrant wildlife and ancient culture of the Amazon, it is not surprising that traveling to the rainforest is a must-do for many adventurers.


By Land:

Hiking in the Amazon Rainforest gives you the opportunity to admire the diversity of plants and animals. You can hear the calls of colorful Macaws or Tucans in the trees and see how many types of flowers you can find blooming beneath the canopy. If you are feeling adventurous, many tour companies offer excursions into the canopy where you can zip-line through the trees, perhaps spotting sloths and monkeys along the way.  At night, nocturnal species awaken. My brother and I were quite used to this having worked for a pest control company. Many bugs and animals we dealt with were nocturnal species. Evening and nighttime hikes give visitors the opportunity to see rare animals that are often hidden during the day. Stargazing is also a popular activity in the rainforest because of the absence of light pollution that clouds the sky in most cities. After the sun goes down, stargazers are afforded some of the best views in the region.

amazon rainforest

Tropical Farm Destinations

Farm stays, or agritourist, present a unique alternative to travelers seeking to go off the beaten path. When travelers go to these farms, they participate in different aspects of the local agriculture industry. This can mean picking pineapples in Hawaii, working on a coffee plantation in Costa Rica, rice farming in Thailand, or organic farming in the Philippines. Agritourist can serve as a link between the indigenous communities and visitors that fosters broader cross-cultural understanding.  Tourists can have once-in-a-lifetime experiences while feeling positive about being able to contribute to local hosts.


Pineapple Plantations in Hawaii:

For tourists who are drawn to the lush, mountainous islands of Hawaii but still want to learn about the local industries, Maui’s pineapple plantations are an attractive option. Visitors can learn about and participate in the farm-to-table movement that is sweeping the island chain. In addition to volunteering on farms, tourists have the opportunity to sample the fruits of their labor and go on day trip excursions to other parts of the island.

pineapple plantation

Why do people go to tropical places like Hawaii and Seychelles?

When people are talking about tropical destinations, the first places that come to mind is Hawaii and the Seychelles. But why? Did you ever ask yourself why everyone wants to go to these two places? They aren’t the only tropical destinations that you can visit that are going to give you a holiday to remember. These are just some of the reasons why most people prefer going to Hawaii and the Seychelles:

This is well known destinations

The one reason why so many prefer to go to Hawaii and the Seychelles and not really consider other destinations, is because this is well known destinations that everyone is talking about. This is places that are known for tropical vacations that are unforgettable.

However, this doesn’t mean that you should not consider going to other tropical places where you can go also. When people are talking about tropical vacations, Hawaii and the Seychelles are always coming to mind.

People have a great holiday experience with lots to do

The great thing about Hawaii and the Seychelles is that there are many things that you can do there. You can just relax in 5 star hotels or private villas. You can do all the different water sports that they are offering or you can go for walks on the beach, lie on the beach for a tan or just walk through town and enjoy the souvenirs that are for sale.

There are boat rides, and other adventures that will keep you and your family busy. You will be able to enjoy a holiday that will not be boring for one minute.

Tropical get away in Puerto Rico

One of the tropical destinations where many people are going and dream about going is Puerto Rico. This is because of many different reasons. There are many different tropical vacation destinations that people are dreaming about, and many are wondering why Puerto Rico is so popular with tourists. These reasons will make it clear to you on why you should make sure that you are going to visit this great tropical paradise:

It is one of the cheaper tropical destinations

The number one reason why most people are planning to go to Puerto Rico or dreaming about going there is because this is a budget friendly destination. And, because this is a tropical destination, it makes it even better.

Not everyone can afford the more expensive destinations, and still want to experience tropical paradise. And, these people are coming to Puerto Rico without regretting it for one minute.

Beaches and sea views that you will not find anywhere else

Don’t think that because you are choosing a cheaper holiday destination that the beaches aren’t going to be as beautiful and great as Hawaii or Mauritius. They have beaches and sea views that you will not find anywhere else. This is what tropical destinations are all about.

Many people don’t really think about Puerto Rico as a place with white beaches and clear blue sea. But, this is exactly what you are going to get when you are visiting this great place.